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Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis

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Quick Insertions and Removals

Sailboat rigging has never been easier with Jurgan Tool Free Clevis'® line of clevis fasteners. You can remove or insert your clevis pins in as little as three seconds with an easy-to-use design that does not require any additional tools to use. Our revolutionary design allows you to know for sure when the rigging component is locked and secure. Refer to the diagram for proper use of our pins.

Unlock/Unload Diagram

  1. Pull straight back on knurled cap to clear keel on cap from slot in clevis body.
  2. Rotate retracted cap 90 degrees to hold cap in retracted position.
  3. Remove cotter pin.
  4. Temporarily store cotter pin by pushing it into hole in end of clevis body.

Load/Lock Diagram

  1. With clevis in unlocked position, insert cotter pin.
  2. Rotate knurled cap to engage keel on cap into slot in clevis body.
  3. Center pin to completely engage keel on cap into slot in clevis body with NO GAP remaining.
  4. Pin is now securely locked.

Spare cotter pins are available for $2 each.